Laser Save Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) is one of the most efficient ways for businesses and their technical departments to manage its printer fleet, offering a fixed cost approach to this area. Studies have shown that document printing is equal to approximately 2-3% of a company’s revenue, the same as IT expenditures, and by managing this expense, companies can produce savings of 20-30%.

Free yourself from managing printing devices with LASER SAVE’S WHITE GLOVE MANAGED PRINT SERVICES. With a simple, secure download, we can collect real time data from your printing devices and uncover ways to manage and optimize your print technology from an easy to use web interface. Partner with LASER SAVE to develop a more efficient and productive print management strategy.

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Optimize. Manage. Improve.

We’ll guarantee your equipment’s performance for the life of the program. The cost of our warranty is included in the low monthly price, whether your printer or fax needs one service call or a dozen.

You’ll Never Need to Replace Another Printer

Award Winning Nationally Recognized Service Department

Factory Authorized Technicians.
All you do is add paper!

Laser Save Provides All:

  • Labor
  • Parts (including maintenance kits and transfer belts)
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Toner
  • Management Software
  • Help Desk Services
  • Management Reports

Estimated Savings

Use the slider to select number of employees and see how much your company can save.

1 employee(s)

  1 Year 5 Years
Paper saved 10,000 sheets 50,000 sheets
Trees Saved 0.4 trees 1.8 trees
Waste Saved 37 lbs 185 lbs
Cost Savings $119 $594
  • Typical Office worker Prints 10,000 pages per year at an annual cost of $725

  • Printing is the 3rd highest cost behind rent and payroll

  • 23% of all IT calls are print related

  • 90% of companies do not know how many printer they have and how much they spend on print

  • Managed print services can reduce operating costs by 20% – 30%

  • An average tree produces 8,333 sheets of paper

  • It takes 10 times more energy to make a sheet of paper then it does to print on it


Managed Print Services delivers results

  • Laser Save works with the IT department to eliminate its pain points
  • Proactive problem solving and streamline print processes
  • Efficient fleet management and savings
  • Proactive on-demand consumable management
  • Standardized service levels – multiple scheduled preventive maintenance (PM) minimizes down time
  • Data collection software (DCA) included at no cost, providing detailed management reports
  • Extends ROI of your printer equipment
  • Eliminates capital budgeting for printers

Laser Save is not new to this game. We are in business since 1988 and have been providing MPS services to our customers across a variety of industries since 2000.

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